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Selling With Videos the Easy Way

Create. Click. Send. Close.

Email can be effective...but it’s just so boring. There’s a better way to get attention, connect with prospects, and convert opportunities into deals - and that’s recording and sending sales videos.



See How We’re Built for Sales Pros by Sales Pros

The rainmaker-friendly video platform you’ve been missing

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Buyers are tired of the same old approach everyone uses. And if their inboxes were people, they’d be sick of it too. With Vidyard, you can:

  • Create new videos without any expert knowledge (we provide that for you)
  • Easily host and share your growing video library with the right content for the right contact
  • Plug videos into your sales machine: CRM, email, marketing platform, and more

Check out how Vidyard can give you what prospects want: something to watch - not read.


Our Platform - Your Benefits

The “Less Time, More Value” Video System

Upload professional videos or create your own with the Vidyard webcam and screen recorder.

Fast and free

Send videos directly from Gmail, Outlook, and more with the click of a button.

See who’s watching

Track who’s viewing your videos and for how long so you can prioritize your most engaged deals.