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James Personal Branding Course (1)

Building Your Personal Brand To Attract Inbound Leads

"At some point, we all decide we want to be more than what we are. Your personal brand is the path to growth."



9-Part Personal Branding Course for Beginners

written by the experts at JB Sales

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After several successful Livecasts, it's time to go deeper! Fire up social selling, fire up tactical video delivery, and fire up your very own personal brand. Here's what James is going to teach you in this 9-part personal branding course: 

How to go from unknown to known in your industry

How to build a plan around content creation to help you drive conversation

How to scale your network and get connected with your target ICP

All the tools and technology you need to build a scalable personal brand

Accountability metrics to make sure you are achieving your goals and outcomes


A Step-By-Step Guide for Building Your Personal Brand

Build a content marketing plan 

Content strategies that connects with your target audience and promotes meaningful and relevant conversations.

Build your brand marketing kit 

Your brand kit helps develop a foundation to drive content ideas, and connect your brand to macro concepts that bolster exposure.

Build your messaging strategy 

Exercises that will help define your values and how to portray them to your audience effectively.