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5 Days of Prospecting

A new sales year (and quota) is here.

It’s a new year - are you ready for the new you?

2022 is the time to completely revolutionize how you prospect and use today’s cutting-edge techniques to find more new business than ever before. The chance is right here, right now. Join the JB Sales 5-Day Prospecting Challenge to seize it and make it happen.

One opportunity. Five days. Countless new prospects. Let’s go.

What You'll Get:

  • Practical guidance across five key areas: email, calls, video, social, and cadences
  • A daily email with a hot prospecting assignment from Morgan and James, delivered right to your inbox
  • Access to a LIVE, 30-minute Zoom with Morgan and James at 1pm EST each day
  • A Slack channel to share your progress and get feedback from the trainers and challenge participants

How to Participate

  1. Register for the challenge
  2. Check your email for the welcome email. This will have the challenge rules and information on how to join the Slack channel.
  3. Bring it! The first prospecting tip will hit your inbox January 17th.

Your 2022 quota won’t know what hit it. Let’s make it rain 🤑


Daily Emails

Each day (starting the 17th), you'll receive an email from Morgan and James with a prospecting tip and assignment. It’s up to YOU to execute on the assignment and grade the outcome of your efforts using our challenge scorecard. 

Daily Zooms

Each day Morgan and James will also go live on Zoom at 1pm EST to review the assignment and answer any questions from the community.

Private Slack Channel

Throughout the challenge, you'll also have access to a private Slack channel with Morgan and James and challenge participants. Use the slack to share work, ask for feedback and engage with the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start the challenge late?

  • Yes, you can start at any time! If you want to participate in the Slack group, we suggest you join during the days the group will be "live", from 1/17-1/24.

Will we get to keep the prospecting tips?

  • Yes, all the tips shared in the challenge will be available for download.

Will the afternoon Zoom calls be recorded?

  • Yes, we will send them out with the morning email the next day.