I believe these are my most impactful tips from a 20 year career in sales.

I believe in life-long learning and strongly believe in paid sales courses like my Filling the Funnel and Driving to close courses.  But I also am amazed at how many people don’t take advantage of the massive amounts of free, high-impact tips, tricks and courses that are available in our space. In fact - of the full amount of content I create, I only sell like 1% of it.

Over the last 20 years I have created THOUSANDS of content pieces; blogs, articles, video tips, templates, etc.

I want to spare you the hassle of finding them all and filling out forms.

Here are what I believe are my most popular and VALUABLE content pieces from my last 20 years in sales.  

Please. Take them, Use them. Share them.


What's Included:

  • How John Prospects into his Tier1 Accounts
  • The ‘Give A Shit’ Factor
  • Time Management Vs Energy Management
  • How not to get Ghosted
  • Uncovering Urgency by Selling to the 20%
  • Stop Doing What Your Supposed to Do
  • Being the Best - 10/60/30
  • MY favorite Nugget (The Summary E-mail)
  • Finally a Contact Strategy I can Appreciate
  • Knowing Your Sales Equation
  • BONUS: Executive Priorities (This is usually part of our full paid membership)

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