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Innovate Your Space Giveaway

Enter to win a Pillar Booth and exclusive sales training that will transform your sales call experience for the better.

Two lucky winners will each receive:

  • A JB Sales “Make It Happen” Pillar Booth (valued at $5,295)
  • 10 JB Sales Training Membership licenses (valued at $3,650)
  • AND a 1-hour “Ask Me Anything” session with John Barrows (valued at $5,000)
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pillar booth john lp video

Sales reps need every advantage, from how they make phone and video calls to where they make them. That’s the purpose of this giveaway: innovation in a changing field to keep you ahead of the curve.

It’s time to innovate your space...but if you don’t enter, you can’t make it happen.


"The Pillar Booth has changed the way we work in the office. Prior to having our booth our team did not have a distraction free place to deliver a client presentation. Today, the booths are used mostly by our sales and customer success teams. I, personally, live in our phone booths and our team would not be able to handle sales calls without them!"

- Nicole Weldon, VP of Growth at RealtyAds

The Privacy and Training to Perform

For sales reps, work environments are changing. Whether you use a phone or video, cold calling is still a crucial part of the job, but open spaces make it easier to distract reps - and make them feel self-conscious.

That’s how the founders of Pillar Booth felt. They thought, “Why can’t sales professionals have a quiet, private place to take and make calls?” Solving this problem became a passion, and they poured their energies into making the most quiet, comfortable, and distraction-free call booths in the industry today.

Learn more about Pillar Booth.

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